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Hydraulics - Compact Dingo Services

K93 Dingo Hydraulic gear pump 9 cc x 3.15cc Mono body

New Italian made gear pumps to suit your K93 dingo machine. Pump sizes are 9cc main & 3.15cc small. Standard 4  bolt flange with BSPP single suction and twin pressure ports. Shipping interstate and local pick up.

Also available by order is the tandem type in the same size pumps as the mono body, but double suction and pressure sorts in a BSPP threaded ports.


K93 K94 Dingo Hydraulic filter housing

This housing would not normally have to be replaced. But often is a case of a swinging auger off a PHD which tends to collect the housing and split it open which will render your machine off line quickly due to hyd oil loss!! These can be shipped directly interstate at standard charges or local pick up. 


Coupling Spider 950 K93 K94

These rubber coupling spiders are placed between the two drive couplings on the engine output shaft PTO side,and the Hydraulic coupling on the pump side. These can become brittle and crack over time. We would recommend replacing this part if installing a new Hydraulic pump on your machine. Interstate freight at standard postal charges and local pick up. Any issues you have with your machines hydraulic performance contact us?


Parker Hannifin Hydraulic Drive motor service kits Dingo Kanga Viking Toro

Parker Hydraulic Torqmotors replacement seal kits. TG (ME ) TF  P/N SK000092  Suit a vast range on mini diggers Dingo Kanga Toro Viking and other fixed plant using the parker hydraulic motors. Interstate shipping & Local Pick up available.


Dingo K93 K94 Hydraulic Drive Motor

Parker wheel motor, suits various Dingo range of models K93 /k94 / 950 Classic / Allrounder. 475cc  1-3/8 output shaft 


Hydraulic hoses Dingo Machines and attachments

Hydraulic pressure hoses in various sizes/lengths /German made hose/hose connector ends JIC/BSPP.  Male-female ends 1/4 through to 1/2. Trenchers/4-1 Buckets/ Post Hole Diggers/ Dingo lift/Crow Tilt/Aux and bigger if requested. Built to your requirements for various other mini diggers and fixed plant. Hydraulic couplings, elbows, tail ends, joiners, adaptors.


Hydraulic Cylinders seal kits 950 K93 K94 K95 4-1 bucket & flow dividers

Dingo Cylinder seal kits for various machines lift and crowd tilt cylinders and attachments thought out the Dingo Range. We would require your stamped COF number off the cylinders to determine which type of seals/o-rings etc. would suit your particular cylinder. If the chrome rod is badly damaged/rusted etc. it may need replacing. These can be supplied for the K93/K94 lift/crowd cylinders.


K93 K94 Dingo Mono body pumps Casapa

Casappa Hydraulic Pumps are Italian made, and have been the preferred choice of pump for the Dingo Range of Mini skid steers /Mini loaders  for 20 + yrs . These mono body pumps can be supplied for the K94 range of 11.2cc x 4cc size or the K93 which has the 9cc x 3.15cc size internals. Standard BSSP threaded ports for  the suction and pressure ports. To determine a pumps condition on your machine there are tests that need to be conducted to test the flow and pressure on each pump,to determine if the flows and pressures are within the manufactures specification. We can conduct this service in house or via our field service . If your interstate we can advise what tests need to be done over the phone.


K93 K94 950 Flow divider Dingo mini digger

Flow dividers suit the Dingo Range 950 K93 K94 machines. Also spool seal kits in stock if it's just a leak. Technical advice  by phone on the correct installation process. Some dingo machines these seals can be installed without removal of the entire Hydraulic Block.


Dingo 950 / k93 Casappa Tandem Hyd pump

9cc-3.15cc  BSPP  suction and pressure ports. Various other pump sizes and styles available on request. These are built to order to customers specs, and the style of fitting mounts such as the SAE type.

Contact Compact Dingo Services for any trouble shooting issues related to poor hydraulic performance with your machinery. A simple flow and pressure test can determine is condition within a few minutes.

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